About us

  • We have prided ourselves over the last 20 years in providing transport for a vast range of organisations in the Cumbria area.
  • We are both affordable and accessible to suit your needs.
  • We have a number of our own buses and County Council owned vehicles, along with a brokerage service enabling us to provide transport to suit your needs.
  • Do you own a bus and require another income.
  • Do you need to hire a bus.
  • Would you like to be a volunteer driver.
  • If we can help you in any way with transport then please do not hesitate to contact us at the office closest to you.


Cumbria Community Transport


We have a number of accessible vehicles available for hire, these vehicles can either be self drive or we can provide a volunteer driver.

All our vehicles are subject to regular safety checks by qualified mechanics and are subject to yearly MOT tests from the first anniversary of being registered.

Our 16-seater accessible vehicles have powered tail lifts/ramps and are fully fitted with clamps and restraints for up to 3 wheel chairs.

Cumbria Community Transport


What is MiDAS ?

MiDAS is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, organised by the Community Transport Association U.K. (CTA) which promotes a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers. It is a membership based scheme that has been designed to enhance minibus driving standards and promote the safer operation of minibuses.

Who is it aimed at ?

MiDAS is applicable to any organisation operating or using minibuses. Member organisations range from small voluntary organisations operating one vehicle, to local authorities operating large fleets of minibuses as well as schools, colleges and universities.

What do drivers get out of this ?

Drivers who successfully complete the MiDAS assessment and training programme will receive a nationally recognised certificate valid for four years, as well as the option of obtaining the comprehensive "MiDAS Driver's Handbook".


Groups and organisations within the community use our accessible and affordable vehicles.

These can be self-drive or a volunteer driver may be made available with the vehicle.

The sharing scheme is only available to non-profit making groups or organisation and they must be involved with:

  • Social Welfare
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Recreation
  • Any other activities or benefit to the community

We offer transport to groups who do not have their own we can also boost funds by hiring your vehicle for you when it is not being used.

Cumbria Community Transport


Community Transport is delivered by volunteers from within the local community. Volunteering not only helps to support the local community but also gives so much to the volunteer. Being a volunteer allows you to give some of your time to help in your own community. By giving as little or as much of your time as you can makes a huge difference to the local delivery of community transport solutions. Volunteers provide support and help for isolated older people, people with disabilities and children. Transport is the one area where you can help support the work of older people's clubs, youth groups, churches, local sports groups, mothers and toddlers and clubs for people with disabilities. By volunteering in transport you will be in contact with a wide range of people within your community.

Why not give volunteering a go. Try it out to see if you like it. You will be amazed how much your time and help will make a difference in your community.

Opportunities to volunteer are varied and available at a time / day to suit your personal schedule.

By volunteering in transport you will be in contact with a wide range of people within your community. The majority of requests are during the working week, usually from 9am till 5pm.

Where we operate

Contact us

All the coordinators work part time, we try to man the phones each morning with each office having an answering machine. If you need to speak to us urgently then please ring head office (Carlisle & Eden) on 01228 402811.

Scheme Manager – Colin Bannister, Carlisle 01228 402811